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The man who shot Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Harnett was not shy about why he did so, confessing immediately that he did so ‘in the name of Islam’. He also told police that he had sworn allegiance to ISIS. According to the shooter, Edward Archer, the police enforced laws which were not in the Koran, and he was bothered by that. Archer also appears to have worn Islamic dress while shooting Officer Hartnett.

His mother chimed in and said that Archer had been a ‘devout Muslim’. You can actually see the zabiba, the mark on his head, from praying a lot and hitting his head on the ground.

But CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, immediately tried to distance Archer from Islam.

“At this hour, it does not appear that he was an observant or mosque-going Muslim” in the local community, said Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American–Islamic Relations.

“I’ve called numerous imams and mosques to try to see if the name rings a bell with anyone. So far it hasn’t,” he told Reuters in an interview.

Bender also said Archer’s actions did not represent those of Muslims or the Islamic faith.

But Natalie King, one of Archer’s neighbors, said that he was seen going to the mosque every Friday night.

But I thought he didn’t go to mosque? Oops, looks like CAIR needs to amend that statement. So nice that Democrats are inviting this terror-linked group to attend the State of the Union address...