Motive still unknown.

Via NBC 10:

Tensions ran high in the Philadelphia Police Department Sunday — three days after an attempted assassination of an officer in West Philadelphia by a man allegedly claiming he did it “in the name of Islam” — after an anonymous tip to officers on Saturday said the threat against police in the city is ongoing.

According to a police report obtained by NBC10 on Sunday, an anonymous tipster told officers that, “the threat to police is not over … the offender who shot [Officer Jesse] Hartnett is part of a group that consists of three others and that the [alleged shooter] is not the most radical of the four.” The report goes on to say the tipster told police to “be careful.”

Police confirmed Sunday afternoon that police did indeed receive a tip that Edward Archer, the man accused of approaching Hartnett’s patrol car at 60th and Spruce streets Thursday night and opening fire on him at point-blank range, was working among a small group of radical men. Authorities said the tip came from a woman who approached an officer on the street.

Police said they are taking the tip seriously and investigating, and that on Sunday, they were issuing memos to all law-enforcement agencies to warn them to stay vigilant as the investigation continues.

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