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I’m sure that it’s just coincidental that all these attacks occurred all over Europe on New Years.

According to a translation on an article in Die Welt, 500 migrants forced their way into a disco in Bielefeld, Germany. There were several reports of sexual assaults.

The chief of security of the “Elephant Club” reported in Bielefeld “Westfalen-Blatt” on Saturday of up to 500 men who wanted to multiply access to the disco with violence. Women have been touched in the genital area. “Only by using physical violence, we could help women to break free.”

The Bielefeld police confirmed the newspaper several reports of sexual assault

Who were these men?

The doorman of the club reports them as ‘Arabic-speaking men’ and his account notes that the bouncers had to rescue women from being dragged out of the club by the men, using pepper spray and fire extinguishers.

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