Bloomberg 19 years old

Dems have conceded the race to Trump.

Via TWS:

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, commissioned a poll in December “testing how he would fare against Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, according to two sources close to Mr. Bloomberg,” the New York Times reports.

Bloomberg would have the resources to launch an expensive third-party run, but a hypothetical Bloomberg candidacy against Trump and Clinton still wouldn’t offer mainstream Republicans any appealing options. Bloomberg was a longtime Democrat before he became a Republican in 2001 to run for mayor. In 2007, he left the Republican party and registered as an independent, but he has remained consistently liberal on a wide range of issues, including guns, abortion, and immigration. “Clinton vs. Trump vs. Bloomberg would finally give America a diverse range of NY-based oligarchs to choose from,” Times reporter Alex Burns quipped on Twitter.

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