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According to his brother, the shooter, Edward Archer, went to Saudi Arabia to make the hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage.

Via Fox News:

The FBI is investigating two trips alleged Philadelphia police shooter Edward Archer made to the Middle East, a spokesman told Fox News late Friday.

Special Agent Eric Rouna said federal authorities are investigating a trip Archer made to Saudi Arabia in 2011 where the suspect spent “a couple” of weeks. Authorities are also seeking more information about the several months Archer spent in Egypt in 2012.

Rouna said law enforcement officials have plenty of time to investigate because the suspect is in custody and isn’t going anywhere.

Archer was caught in surveillance video ambushing Officer Jesse Hartnett in his squad car, shooting him multiple times, and claimed he acted “in the name of Islam,” police said at a news conference Friday.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the suspect’s gun, a 9mm Glock 17, had been stolen from police in 2013.

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