Via Daily Star:

He blasted the jihadis with the world’s most powerful rifle during the battle for the besieged city of Ramadi in Iraq last week.

The staff sergeant, one of the best marksmen in the elite force, used a semiautomatic Barrett Light .50 calibre rifle to fire into a house.

It has a range of more than a mile and when fired with armour-piercing rounds can destroy lightly-armoured vehicles and aircraft on runways.

The sniper was part of a small team of British special forces who had been embedded with the Iraqi army to act as advisers.

Islamic State militants were using the two-storey concrete house as a command post to launch suicide attacks against the Iraqi army.

Dozens of civilians were being used as human shields to protect the property, forcing SAS commanders to rule out an air strike or rocket attack.  […]

“It was a case of ‘there’s nothing to lose’. If it worked the suicide attacks would be stopped – if it failed nothing would be lost.”

The Daily Star Sunday has learned the SAS sniper positioned himself in another building around 1,000m away from the target but with a direct line of fire.

He was supported by three colleagues who had prepared around six magazines filled with armour piercing round.