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Naturally. Chicagoland, cesspool of corruption.

Via Free Beacon:

Chicago Public Schools employees engaged in improper political activity, stole kids’ museum passes to sell online, smoked marijuana with students, and stole money meant for cheerleader uniforms, according to a year-long review.

The school system’s inspector general released its annual report on Monday. The report offers a summary of investigations conducted by the inspector general in fiscal year 2015, which included the uncovering of a multi-million-dollar fraudulent kickback scheme by Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the school system’s CEO

The inspector general also found that teachers abused their access to make tax-exempt purchases for big-screen televisions, iPads, and DVD boxed sets of The Three Stooges.

Twelve teachers and a school nurse made $101,500 worth of tax-free purchases at a big-box retailer using the school system’s tax-exempt status. Most of the purchases were for personal items, including home-theater systems, tablets, cell phones, and refrigerators.

One teacher spent $5,100, including $1,100 for a MacBook Air, $300 for an iPhone, $800 for a television, and seasons of Breaking Bad, which he justified as being able to show to his students in class.

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