CHI 40%

Chicago’s residents, not so much.

Via Chicago Tribune:

While the video release of a Chicago police officer’s shooting of Laquan McDonald prompted a domino effect of change, including the ousting of the police superintendent and a federal civil rights investigation, the department finished 2015 on an ironic note: Officers shot the fewest people that they have in years.

Chicago police officers shot 22 people in 2015, eight of them fatally. That’s a 40 percent drop in the total number of people shot compared with 2014, when 37 people were hit by police gunfire and 16 of them were killed, according to department figures.

Since 2011, the number of people shot by Chicago’s cops has gradually declined. That year, they shot 56 people, 24 of them fatally, department figures show. In 2012, Chicago police shot 45 people, killing 12, and the following year, officers shot 35 people, killing 14.

Chicago officers this past year shot fewer people than police in some other major cities. As of Dec. 21, Los Angeles police officers shot 37 people in 2015, 22 fatally, according to LAPD statistics. New York City police officers shot 32 people, killing nine, NYPD statistics from Dec. 29 show.

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