hillary Madam secretary

Which means she has never seen the show.

Via MRC:

In December, major media outlets gushed over Barack and Michelle Obama “opening up like never before about all of their favorite things of 2015″ to People magazine. A cynic could say their picks weren’t very shocking – they liked Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar, and movies like The Martian and Inside Out. They might have been honest picks….or they could be calculated to say “See? We’re just like you folks.”

People also questioned a pile of presidential candidates, too, but the laughs in her office were all with Hillary’s answers.

What’s your favorite TV show? “Lately I’m into Madam Secretary. Sometimes us ex-diplomats need our fix!”

Let’s guess she was also into the other Hillary-inspired dramas, Commander-in-Chief with Geena Davis and Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver. And of course, there’s this:

What’s your idea of a perfect day off? “Sleeping in late, seeing my granddaughter and her mom, and watching TV at home with Bill.”

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