Colt Vinson

Way to go young man.

Via Daily Mail:

A four-year-old boy delivered pizza and coffee to a group of shivering police officers on Tuesday.

After seeing the Oklahoma City officers in the cold during a 16-hour standoff, Colt Vinson told his mom Jillian Vinson that he would like to do something nice for them.

‘I said, @What do you want to get [email protected] And, he said, “I like pizza. Let’s get them pizza,”‘ Jillian Vinson told Fox.

Jillian called Domino’s who offered to donate five pizza pies and then 7-Eleven agreed to give away 52 cups of coffee.

The Oklahoma City Police Department was so touched that they posted a thank you note on their Facebook account.

‘We’d like to thank little Colt and his family for donating 52 coffees and 5 pizzas to officers who were working extended hours in the cold on the standoff near Yukon yesterday.

‘Colt was very excited to meet some of our officers while he was there,’ reads the post.

‘Your overwhelming generosity was appreciated, and made a stressful situation a little easier.

‘Also, a special thanks to 7-Eleven and Dominos for donating the food and drinks,’ it concludes.

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