Have a burrito and leave spewing Chipotle chunks.

Via ASU Bell Ringer:

Earlier this month, Boston’s Public Health Commission also received multiple reports of gastrointestinal illness from 136 people who consumed food at the city’s Chipotle restaurant, according to a statement.

In some negative news for Chipotle Mexican Grill, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said that it would be investigating or recent batch of E.coli cases linked to the company and that it does not know yet if they are linked to a larger outbreak that began in October. The same month, more than 60 people got sick with salmonella poisoning after eating in one of 22 Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota.

Researchers aren’t certain if this latest spate of illnesses was related to the previous, more far-reaching outbreak that stretched across nine states but was largely concentrated in OR and Washington.

The CDC also said that out of 19 people that were reported ill with the E. coli infection, five of them were hospitalised and two of them developed a certain kind of kidney failure that is linked with a particular E. coli strain. Funnily enough, all this makes us want to do is head on over and grab a burrito bowl for dinner.

“If there is a more serious outbreak with the second strain, I think it has a potential to hurt fourth-quarter earnings as well”, Anderson said.

Shares of Chipotle were trading below $500 on Tuesday for the first time since early 2014.

A traceback investigation did not identify a common source of contamination. DNA fingerprinting is performed on E. coli bacteria isolated from ill people by using a technique called pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, or PFGE.

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