SJW’s rejoice!

Via The Blaze:

Can a hospital fire a physician who doesn’t support LGBT views and practices? One Boston hospital just did.

After a legal battle that lasted more than 10 years, Dr. Paul Church of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) lost his final appeal to the hospital’s Board of Directors to reconsider the center’s decision to fire him and revoke his medical privileges.

Church, a urology professor at Harvard University, disagreed with BIDMC’s institutional endorsement of LGBT causes.

The hospital ordered his expulsion after discovering that Church had expressed concerns about the health dangers related to same-sex activity on the hospital’s internal online portal.

The board’s final judgment on Dec. 8 ended Church’s 28-year-long tenure at the hospital.

Over the past decade, Church has voiced his concerns regarding BIDMC’s overt support of LGBT events.