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Because not getting a cake entitles you to $135,000 in damages?

Via PJ Media:

The owners of the now-closed Sweet Cakes Bakery in Gresham, Oregon have paid out more than $135,000 in damages for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.

Klein turned in a check for $136,927.07, which included interest on the July 2015 state-ordered judgment, to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries in Portland after violating the Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer’s civil rights, according to
“My clients are happy the Kleins paid the fine and are moving forward,” the Bowman-Cryer’s lawyer Paul Thompson told the Oregon paper. “I hope to see the ruling upheld on appeal.”

The incident took place back in 2013, when Laurel Bowman-Cryer went to the bakery for a wedding cake tasting. She was told the bakery could not make the cake for religious reasons. Bowman-Cryer filed a complaint with the State of Oregon and the labor commissioner awarded the damages, claiming it was a violation of state law to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

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