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They were getting tired of talking about their goats.

Via The Blaze:

In the latest episode of the popular podcast “Serial,” Bowe Bergdahl revealed the quirky details of his captivity with the Taliban, including two attempted escapes.

While imprisoned, Bergdahl said it was a “high honor” among the guards to watch over him. To pass the time, Bergdahl said the guards would make videos of him, staging fake interrogations consisting of ridiculous questions, while shaving his beard into amusing shapes.

One time, Bergdahl said the guards even asked him if President Barack Obama is “gay.”

“They ask you, ‘Is Obama gay and sleeps with men?’” he recalled.

Other questions Bergdahl received from his young guards included inquiries about how U.S. military members got their prostitutes, alcohol and drugs. He said they were also obsessed with American soft drinks — especially Mountain Dew.

“They love Mountain Dew,” he said. “If you want to piss people off in that country, all you do is cut off their sugar supply.”

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