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Ah Shaun King, trying so hard not to be white, tries to put his own issues on Jesus. Jesus did not speak out against ‘governmental oppression’, he was not of man, but of god. By the way, one of the things Shaun King claims to be in addition to black, is a Christian minister…


To be clear, Christmas in the United States, despite the name, has very little to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with consumerism and gift giving, despite Shaun’s blasphemous attempt to turn him into a BLM protester.

However, side by side with Easter, it’s also the time when we are most likely to see depictions of Jesus used as tools of white supremacy.

In Atlanta, I see them everywhere I go. Jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby and his blue-eyed supermodel mother are ubiquitous and done without even a slight hint of humor. It’s preposterous. It would truly be no different from depicting Christopher Columbus as a dark-skinned African or Thomas Jefferson as a long-haired Latino. People actually look a certain way.

Jesus was not a European.

When mythical baby Jesus and his parents needed to hide, they didn’t flee to England, but to Egypt — where scripture suggests they blended in well.

Even if you believe Jesus is a myth and the Bible is a myth, please understand when mythical baby Jesus and his parents needed to hide, they didn’t flee to England, but to Egypt — where scripture suggests they blended in well. Two thousand years ago and in virtually every generation since, blending in with the everyday people of Egypt has always meant dark hair and dark features.

Choosing to depict Jesus and his mother in a way other than reality is strange at best and nefarious at worst.

When we lived in California, I cringed when my children saw stringy blond-haired surfers with beards and they would blurt out to us, “Hey, he looks like Jesus!” I would have to stop and correct them and say, “No, he looks how white people want Jesus to look, but Jesus did not look like a California surfer dude.”

It’s not simply an honest mistake though.

When the man who is deemed the central figure of a religion and indeed the savior of the entire world is consistently portrayed to look like a Scandinavian sailor when he more likely resembled a Syrian refugee, it’s being done to advance an Anglo-Saxon, white supremacist agenda.

It’s hard though to stereotype certain people from the Middle East as terrorists then call a man who looks just like someone from that region your savior. I’m pretty sure governors of 30 American states banned people who actually look like Mary and Jesus from taking refuge in their state.

Furthermore, it’s hard to put a man of color, any color, at the center of your faith while simultaneously advancing racism every chance you get.

A white, Eurocentric Jesus may be convenient for millions, but he is a lie designed to maintain the very systems of government and religious oppression that the biblical Jesus actually spoke out against. We forget he was arrested and executed by the state.

Because baby Jesus probably looked more like Alan Kurdi, the 3-year-old Syrian refugee whose body washed ashore and became a symbol of the migrant crisis, than a blond-haired boy, I have a hunch that the truly ethnic Jesus would have a pretty hard time around here nowadays.