Like anyone couldn’t have predicted that as a natural response? This is what Democrats do, create the problem, then claim they will solve it, by then creating more problems.

Via Newsmax:

Many companies are pushing employees into a part-time workforce because of Obamacare restrictions, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton acknowledged this week at an Iowa City town hall meeting, saying the situation needs to be changed.

“We have built in some unfortunate incentives that discourage full-time employment,” Clinton said in response to a question from a supporter concerning companies that are using part-timers, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

Many employers, she said, “believe if you don’t work 40-hours a week you don’t get benefits and that includes; you don’t get health care benefits; that might include you’re not eligible for the family medical leave; you’re not eligible for paid sick days.”

Clinton called the situation a “disincentive in our system that we need to deal with,” according to a video being distributed by the Republican National Committee. “I really worry about it because there is a trend to try and move more and more people into part-time work.”

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