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Via Daily Mail:

The most senior Republican leader today rebuked Donald Trump over his call to bar Muslims from entering the US.

Speaker Paul Ryan broke a self-imposed silence on the race for his party’s presidential candidacy to condemn the Republican front-runner’s call saying it was ‘not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for’.

Ryan spoke hours after a defiant Trump doubled down in a series of morning television show interviews, saying the country was ‘at war’ and could not afford another 9/11.

The Republican presidential hopeful phoned three morning television shows to defend his call – and claimed he was making ‘making us look strong’.

He said that his plan to indefinitely ban Muslims from entering the country is necessary to prevent another 9/11 style attack and rejected comparisons to Hitler.
‘We are now at war,’ he said on Good Morning America. ‘We have a president that doesn’t want to say that, but we are now at war.’

And he said his proposal was little different than Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s executive orders after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that put restrictions on migrants from enemy countries, mainly Japan. Thousands of Japanese-Americans spent the war in internment camps.

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