NBC is only 5 hours behind WZ in naming the suspect.*

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Via NBC News:

At least 14 people were killed and two suspects were dead Wednesday after up to three people on a mission that authorities described as “possibly terrorism” barged into a holiday party in a California conference room and unleashed a bloodbath.

The shooter or shooters fled in a black SUV after the shooting about at 11 a.m. (2 p.m. ET), police said. A bomb squad was still examining a suspicious device believed to be an explosive at the scene late Wednesday afternoon, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said.

About 4½ hours after the shootings, police checking a lead in the nearby town of Redlands began chasing a car believed to be related to the incident, Burguan said. The chase led back to San Bernardino, where two people described as suspects — a man and a woman — were killed, he said.

Investigators were also carefully reviewing material at that scene as a possible explosive or explosives, Burguan said.

A third person who was seen running away from the scene was in custody, Burguan said. Investigators were also carefully reviewing material at that scene as a possible explosive or explosives, Burguan said.

The dead suspects were dressed in “assault-style clothing” and were carrying assault-style weapons and handguns, Burguan said. He said an officer was shot in the confrontation but didn’t suffer a life-threatening wound and was expected to be OK.

Multiple sources from multiple agencies identified one of the three attackers at the resource center to NBC News as Syed Farook. No other information was available, but a knowledgeable source said another member of the trio is believed to be Farook’s brother.

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One of the suspects in Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. has been identified as Syed Farook, according to reports.

Farook was linked to the horrific slaughter that took place at the Inland Regional Center, according to NBC News.

After police announced that two suspects — a male and a female — were dead following a car chase and shoot out with police, a search began at a nearby Redlands apartment linked to the suspects.

A man who identified himself as Farook’s father told the Daily News his son worked as a health technician inspecting restaurants and hotels.

“I haven’t heard anything. He worked in a county office,” Farook’s dad told The News. “He’s married and has a kid. We’re estranged because my wife got the divorce, and they are together. She doesn’t want to see me.”

Farook said he hasn’t seen his son in some time.

“He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”


Police found three devices at the house they’ve been searching in Redlands. Now this:
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P.C. kills.

*Police just pulled back report of second suspect.


Fox is reporting Joint Terrorism Task Force has been called in and that the two were wearing chest gear with magazines and Go Pros.


Police formally announce the two names. Man is 28 year old Syed Rizwan Farook and woman is 27 year old Tashfeen Malik. Farook was a county employee who had gone to the facility earlier in the day, where there may have been a fight. They are not ruling out terrorism.

Here’s Syed Farook:
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