Law of supply and demand. If no one is signing up for the classes, why would the university hold them? Unless they were forced to because of ‘racism’, and then that insures the next generation of indoctrinated SJWs. In every campus list of demands is more black studies programs, more black professors hired.

On the positive side, this failure means potential students are more interested in studies that will actually find them jobs other than as community organizers.

DETROIT (AP) — Protests by University of Missouri black students that forced the school’s administration to address racism and other problems mirror efforts decades ago that led many majority white schools to create African-American studies and other programs.

But those programs and some ethnic studies departments across the country are struggling with funding, low-staffing and dwindling student enrollment, according to some experts.

African and African-American Studies at the City University of New York’s Lehman College in the Bronx once had 10 full-time faculty members, but now has only five full-timers and one substitute assistant professor whose term will expire next June, Chair and professor Mark Christian told The Associated Press.

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