Biden 2016

And yes, he said this after the terror attacks in Paris.

Via BuzzFeed:

In his first public remarks since the Paris attacks, Biden said Monday that ISIS does not pose “an existential threat” to the United States.

He was speaking at a clean-technology summit in Los Angeles, alongside Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Biden said “we will prevail” in the fight against ISIS and added that the U.S. was working closely with France.

The vice president warned though that “terror is designed to inspire terror” and “the moment we give in to that terror and change anything about the openness of our society is the moment they win.”

Biden said the U.S. and Europe should continue to allow the immigration of refugees and not stop the free flow of information in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

“There is no existential threat to the United States in the sense that there is nothing — nothing that ISIS can do that can threaten to bring down a government, that can threaten to fundamentally alter the way we live,” Biden said.