Weaponized cluelessness.

Via De Redactie (Googlish translation):

Prime Minister Charles Michel is in the Chamber launched a call for tolerance after the attacks in Paris. “The perpetrators lie when they say they kill in the name of Allah, they kill in the name of hate. Islam is a peaceful religion of compassion,” he said. The prime minister spoke during a ceremony on the occasion of King’s.

According to Michel, the terrorists misuse Islam in their struggle for a totalitarian state. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, emphasized the prime minister.

“We do not live in a homogenous society. There are different ideas, cultures … That’s an asset, provided that everyone shares the same fundamental values,” Michel said. He launched from the pulpit a call for association. “Let us together make a stand against hate and intolerance. We refuse to choose between security and freedom.”

Because of the attacks was the ceremony, inter alia King Albert and Queen Paola attended, a more subdued character than planned. The French ambassador in our country, Claude-France Arnould, was present. She thanked Belgium for its support and sympathy.