In seven years we have gone from being cowboys to pajama boys.

Via DC Whispers:

The Obama White House is said to have reached out to Putin staffers wanting to have a quick sit-down moment just prior to the beginning of the G20 Summit hosted this week by Muslim Brotherhood advocate and Turkish Dictator President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It was a blatant attempt at a photo-op said to have been suggested and strongly pushed for by longtime Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

Regardless of personal views world leaders might have of his tactics, Russia’s Putin is now seen as the single most influential player in the war on Islamic terror and the Obama White House was desperate to try make itself appear equally worthy of the fear and respect the world has for Putin’s determination to wipe ISIS off the face of the planet.


The result was this photo being aggressively pushed for widespread publication by the Obama White House.

What the White House won’t be pushing is the apparent reaction Putin had to Barack Obama’s self-serving overtures. He was seen laughing among his staff shortly after the already famous “coffee table” moment, and looking over at Mr. Obama with what is being described as “dismissive derision.”

When images of Barack Obama shaking hands with President-host Erdogan flashed across one of the many monitors placed throughout the G20 summit it proved further fodder for rebuke by the Russian strongman, who then pointed to a monitor while shaking his head at the sight of the widely smiling and seemingly passive American president.

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