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Several people are reportedly dead after an attacker opened fire on a restaurant in central Paris on Friday night, as part of what witnesses say is a wave of violence still unfolding across the city.

French media say the shooter fired numerous times upon patrons dining at the restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge, with a Kalashnikov rifle and that he or she is still at large.

Witnesses have also reported hearing an explosion near the Stade de France, the country’s national stadium, which is hosting a soccer game between France and Germany, as well as a shooting at a night club.

One witness, Stephane Hannache, was broadcasting on Periscope during a portion of the attack. Shots can be heard at the ten-minute mark in his video.

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Shooting at Bataclan:

At least 3 attacks about 1 km apart at restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge and Bataclan concert hall. Other attacks being mentioned by police, including at the stadium where a France-Germany game was being played. Explosions were reported there.

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Unconfirmed reports of up to 60 people being held in the Bataclan concert hall.
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You can hear bomb/grenade going off during game at stadium here.

Reports are now updating the number dead to 30.


Eagles of Death, an American metal rock band was playing at Bataclan.
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Concert was reportedly sold out, numbers are varying on hostages between 60 and 100.


Another attack at Les Halles shopping mall.
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60 now reported killed in prior three attacks:
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Just a bit late.

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Someone want to tell Obama?

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One caught, reportedly Syrian refugees…

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Soccer patrons sing French national anthem as they evacuate the stadium.

Seige is now over, Sky News is saying 140 may have been killed, confirmed from Paris City Hall, 100 believe killed at Bataclan, 3 attackers killed at the concert hall, 1 arrest, and other attackers from the restaurant on the loose. The terrorists in Bataclan reportedly threw grenades in the faces of the people in the hall. One man from inside reported they were gunning people down, which was why the police stormed the building.

1500 French soldiers have just been deployed to Paris, there is a curfew for the first time since 1944.


They’ve updated the total number of dead to 158, 118 at the theater. Some good news, the American band, Eagles of Death, made it out alright, according to the wife of one of the members.

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Word now that those who got out ran to the roof, went out to another building thru an attic window next door. 125 reportedly were freed when the police stormed the Bataclan. 5 attackers were reportedly killed.


Picture of killing at cafe restaurant, 6 locations were attacked in total, this was a driveway, and the initial attack:

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World Trade Center lights up in support of Paris:
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