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The children at Amherst join the madness, telling the President, Biddy Martin, that she should ‘not tolerate’ horribly racist signs like ‘all lives matter’ or ‘free speech’:

5. President Martin must issue a statement to the Amherst College community at large that states we do not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the “All Lives Matter” and “Free Speech” posters. Also let the student body know that it was racially insensitive to the students of color on our college campus and beyond who are victim to racial harassment and death threats; alert them that Student Affairs may require them to go through the Disciplinary Process if a formal complaint is filed, and that they will be required to attend extensive training for racial and cultural competency.

Dump the evil racist mascot:

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Let everyone off school and work so they can engage in the stupidity, and have a free pass from the police if the crazies violate the law. Not to mention control any reaction that anyone may have to our nonsense that might be ‘insensitive'(like ‘you are crazy loony tunes’!).

8. Dean Epstein must ask faculty to excuse all students from all 5 College classes, work shifts, and assignments from November 12th, 2015 to November 13th, 2015 given their organization of and attendance at the Sit-In.
3. Amherst College Police Department must issue a statement of protection and defense from any form of violence, threats, or retaliation of any kind resulting from this movement.
9. Do not threaten the jobs of the faculty, staff, or administrators that support our list of demands. Such threats will result in an escalation of our response.

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You can see more of the cray cray here.

I might be wrong, but President Martin, from my quick review of her background, actually looks like a President who might actually be concerned about real education and economics. To start with she has a scholarly background in German literature, although she has also spent her time in gender studies so no doubt she has some leftist cred. But she actually made an agreement with Scott Walker when she was Chancellor to try to improve U of Wisconsin at Madison. Let’s see if she has more spine than the Mizzou President. Here’s another evidence she might be a little different:
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