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There were two primary incidents that set off the protests. A supposed swastika out of feces that there are no pictures of and no one ever saw, and this claim by the student body president, Payton Head.

The school’s racial strife made national headlines in September, when student body president Payton Head’s response to a racist attack went viral.

“Last night as I walking through campus, some guys riding on the back of a pickup truck decided that it would be okay to continuously scream NIGGER at me,” Head wrote on Sept. 12. “I really just want to know why my simple existence is such a threat to society. For those of you who wonder why I’m always talking about the importance of inclusion and respect, it’s because I’ve experienced moments like this multiple times at THIS university, making me not feel included here.

“Many of you are so privileged that you’ll never know what it feels like to be a hijab-wearing Muslim woman and be called a terrorist or a towel head,” Head continued. “You don’t have to think about being transgender and worrying about finding a restroom where you can go and not be targeted for violence…

As it turns out, according to the Washington Post, the alleged incident, while near the campus, wasn’t even on it.

Last night, there were rumors flying all over Mizzou about threats against black students. Some were helped along by BLM folks. The worst was spread by this same student, Payton Head, claiming that the KKK were on campus and he was working with police to deal with it.
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The police said it was not true, and Head later retracted his statement and apologized, but the damage was done.
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Head has a long past history as a ‘social justice warrior’. In his post about the racial slur, he makes it very clear he is a Black Lives Matter supporter, and the post is meant to be about making you feel uncomfortable. In October, he gave a talk on ‘intersectionality’ and the Black Lives Matter movement. He is from Chicago and was an intern for Rahm Emanuel.

So basically, you’re talking about a situation whipped into a hysteria by likely untrue incidents by people with an agenda to manipulate the situation to achieve power and divide.