Exploding Muslims in 3… 2… 1…

LONDON, England – England’s Muslim leaders are outraged after the country’s Catholic schools opted not to teach Islam to students as part religious studies exams for graduation.

Last year, the government decreed schools are required to teach two religions instead of one for GCSE exams, otherwise known as General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, the Daily Mail reports.

In response, the country’s Catholic Education Service announced the church’s 2,150 primary and secondary schools would focus on Christianity and Judaism for the graduation test to comply with the new rules and ensure pupils “are given a solid grounding in Christianity,” according to the news site.

Paul Barber, director of the Catholic Education Service, told the media students would still receive instruction on other religions, like Islam, during normal religious education lessons, Express reports.

Perhaps ironically, the government-imposed reforms follow a “Trojan horse” scandal at Park View Academy in Birmingham where school employees allegedly brainwashed students into following the faith’s hardline religious principles, and used their classmates to enforce the ideology, according to the site.