Space aliens ahead of the global warming power curve.

Via The Daily Mail:

They may not be known as little green men for nothing.

Aliens could be alive and well – and living on a planet powered by solar panels say scientists, including TV presenter Professor Brian Cox.

While an eco-friendly ET may seem an outlandish idea, it follows the discovery of mysterious flashes and flickers from a distant star called KIC 846 2852.

The star’s pattern of dimming and brightening is not consistent with a planet passing in front of it.

And, with other likely causes ruled out, the scientists reckon there are two main possibilities for the phenomenon: the light is being blocked by lumps of dust or rock shed by comets – or by a massive alien construction project.

Professor Cox said it could be an orbiting mass of solar panels built by ET to harvest light needed for the aliens’ lifestyle.

He told BBC Radio 6’s breakfast show: ‘It is a thing called the Dyson sphere, which is where an ultra-advanced civilisation basically surrounds their whole star in a sphere of solar panels, which would get every last bit of energy from the star, so they could build their big space-faring interstellar civilisation.

‘I emphasise, it probably isn’t solar panels, but it’s data that isn’t explained at the moment and it wouldn’t be horrendously surprising if it turned out there was an advanced alien civilisation there that was way ahead of us and had built some big solar panels. I wouldn’t go “that’s impossible”, it isn’t.’

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