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We noted the strange nature of this case, that the fires were set at the door, seemingly set to go out, as most didn’t cause damage beyond some burnt marks on the doors.

ST. LOUIS • Police have made an arrest in connection with a two-week string of church arsons, most of which occurred at places of worship in black neighborhoods, the Post-Dispatch has learned. The suspect is a black man in his 30s, according to a police source.

Investigators are expected to seek criminal charges against him today.

The string of fires, many of which did minimal damage, drew attention of local and federal investigators. The locations drew speculation of whether it was a hate crime.

The Rev. Robert Gettinger, of St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1371 Hamilton Avenue, said news of an arrest is a relief.

“We pray for the person who has done this. It seems to be mentally off balance behavior,” Gettinger said.

He said the church remains grateful that damage was isolated to the front doors, common in all the fires. St. Augustine has not yet received bids, but damage is easily in the thousands of dollars, he said.

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Suspect identified as 35 year old black male, David Lopez Jackson. Looks like gang tats.

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Looks like he has prior arrests, he earned the ‘crown’ between the second and the third arrest reflected here:
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The crown may be a connection to the Latin Kings, who have a crown with five points, as this one on his forehead does.