Yes, Hitler.

Via Campus Reform:

On Tuesday, Khari Cyrus, the student body president at North Carolina State University sent a campus wide email on the “concept of appreciation vs. appropriation” this Halloween.

The email directed students to a new webpage from the administration that has the aim of “Making Halloween an Inclusive Experience for all.”

The first part of the page focuses on making sensitive and smart choices when it comes to deciding what to wear this Halloween, which also falls on the school’s homecoming weekend. Examples of costumes deemed inappropriate are “Hey Amigo Mexican,” “Native American,” and “Tighty Whitey Rapper.”

The school included a flowchart to aid in making appropriate costume choices.

The first questions asks, “Are you planning on painting your face black to mimic a skin tone?” If the answer is yes, the chart informs one that, “That’s called blackface, and it’s never okay, no matter how clever your costume is.”

If the answer is no, however, the chart does not praise the sensitivity of the costume-wearer, but rather implies that they might be a mass murderer, asking, “Are you Hitler? Do you have anything to do with Hitler?”