(Reuters) – Oct 26 Roman Catholic leaders from around the world on Monday made a joint appeal to a forthcoming United Nations conference on climate change to produce a “fair, legally binding and truly transformational” agreement.

The Catholic cardinals, patriarchs and bishops from across the globe signed the appeal in the Vatican, saying climate change had to be linked “to social injustice and the social exclusion of the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens”.

UPDATE: From bad to worse.

Bishops launched a global appeal Monday for a break-through at upcoming Paris climate talks, including a “complete decarbonisation” of the world’s economy and more help for poor countries battling the effects of climate change.

The bishops said any agreement “should limit global temperature increases to avoid catastrophic climatic impacts, especially on the most vulnerable communities”.

From across five continents they called “not only for ‘drastic reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses’, but also for ending the fossil fuel era”.

The goal should be “complete decarbonisation by mid-century, in order to protect frontline communities suffering from the impacts of climate change, such as those in the Pacific Islands and in coastal regions”.