The protest, part of #RiseUpOctober, was organized by Carl Dix, who is behind Stop Mass Incarceration and who is a leader in the Revolutionary Communist Party. You can see Tarantino hugging it up with Dix in the above video, Dix is wearing a Rev Com sweatshirt. Cornel West is also an organizer and can be seen among the chanting folk.

Via NY Post:

Just four days after the on-duty murder of a hero NYPD street cop, a rally in Washington Square Park against “police terror” devolved Saturday into a raucous, law-enforcement gripe-fest.

Protesters held signs reading “Rise Up! Stop Police Terror!” and “Murder with a badge is still murder.”

“No racist police!” some among the crowd of 300 protesters for the “Rise Up October” chanted, before the rally spilled out of the park and up Fifth Avenue to Times Square.

The NYPD arrested 11 protesters, charging most of them with disorderly conduct, obstructing vehicular traffic and failing to disperse. At least one was charged with resisting arrest.

Director Quentin Tarantino fired up the crowd by complaining that cops are too often “murderers.”

“When I see murders, I do not stand by . . . I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers,” the “Pulp Fiction” auteur blathered to a cheering rally-goers.

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They’re not ‘against police brutality’, call it what they are, they are against the police, they are against incarceration of criminals and they are for revolution. It isn’t about black people, and you’ll notice many, if not most, are not black. The issue is never the issue. Most black people would never support this nonsense. It is, as it always has been, about the revolution.

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Just a small coda to the story. Who is covering these protests wall-to-wall on Twitter, showing the horrible racist chaos of the United States? People’s Daily China and that arm of the Kremlin, RT.
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Yet none of the media reports the radical revolutionaries behind these protests, despite the shirts they wear and the signs they carry proclaiming it.