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Earlier in the year, there were a series of fires at churches in the South that media and Black Lives Matter pointed to as somehow being evidence of racists targeting black churches. For almost two weeks, this made national news without even being questioned.

Never mind that most weren’t even arson, some weren’t black churches and there was no indication that any of the fires were at all related. Once those facts started to come out, the story died.

But now in St. Louis, there’s a series of fires that seems to be begging for attention. Literally.

Seven fires, set at mostly predominantly black churches over the past two weeks. The last church was not a predominantly black church, but is a famous historic Catholic Church. The police believe the fires are related, that they have in fact been set by the same person.

We’d like to bring you pictures of the fires. Take a close look and see if you see what we see:
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Did you see it?

Except for the first one which took out the door and the fifth one, which spread a bit further, they were all set at the front door, not to cause any real damage, but it seems, set to go out, to be limited. The arsonist always set it in the early morning hours. The police have said the person behind it clearly wants to ‘send a message’.

So the question is who would want to make it appear like black churches were being targeted, while not really wanting to hurt them with real damage? In St. Louis, near Ferguson?

Well, we’ll leave the investigation to the professionals, but we certainly could have a few thoughts as to who would fit that scenario.

In perhaps a coincidental incident, on Easter, the Black Lives Matter folks protested outside a couple of churches in the area. Their point was to ‘wake up’ the people in the churches, to come out and join them to ‘fight against racism’. Here’s the press release of their event.
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But is someone taking that at their word, literally, to bring it to the front door of churches? We know many of those on the left wouldn’t even regard this as violence as it is ‘just against property’.

Or is it someone who has a grudge against Christians in general? But then it would seem they would simply let the fire go, and not stop it at the door.

Whoever it is is playing a dangerous game, when you play with fire, you are likely to get burnt.