Via The Blaze:

Fox News’ host Bill O’Reilly on Thursday night criticized the Democratic party for inviting the Black Lives Matter movement to host a presidential town hall — and things got so contentious with one of his guests that O’Reilly cut off his microphone.

After playing video clips of Black Lives Matter activists shouting for violence against police and contrasting them with text from the DNC’s invitation to the group, O’Reilly asked BET host Keith Boykin what he thought about it all.

Boykin began arguing that the video clips weren’t representative of the Black Lives Matter movement, and then O’Reilly asked if BLM’s leadership ever repudiated remarks calling for “dead cops.” The exchange grew more heated, and finally O’Reilly had enough.

“Mr. Boykin, you’re either going to stop talking or I’m going to cut your mic off,” O’Reilly said before repeating his question: “Did anybody in the Black Lives Matter movement repudiate ‘we want dead cops’?”

When Boykin didn’t immediately respond, O’Reilly said “Thank you” and then began questioning his other guest, law professor David Goodfriend.

After Boykin jumped in and started saying “yes,” O’Reilly had his mic cut off.

“Your time is done, Mr. Boykin,” the host said. “Cut him down.”

O’Reilly asked Goodfriend, “Would you be comfortable with the Republican party bringing in the Stormfront, the Nazi people, and saying we’d like our candidates to talk to you guys?” After Goodfriend said “no,” O’Reilly continued, “They’re an extreme group, the Nazi party. The Black Lives Matter is also an extreme group.”

By this point O’Reilly let Boykin have his say again, and he told the host, “The Black Lives Matter movement is not the Nazi party. It’s an offensive suggestion to make that comparison, Bill. I’m outraged that you would say that.”

Well, there’s a reason that Boykin refused to criticize the DNC and the BLM marriage. Because he is one of the principal agents behind the hook-up.

Boykin is a former Bill Clinton campaign aide, and a special assistant to Bill Clinton, Director of Specialty Media, where he was responsible for organizing meetings between gay people and the President. Here he is at the Hillary Clinton re-launch campaign, looking like he’s serving a similar purpose, looking very chummy with DeRay McKesson, the Black Lives Matter leader.
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.10.24 PM

Small wonder he wouldn’t repudiate the BLM or the DNC.