Local pig farms looking for a new source of slop for feed. Update to this story.

Via Daily Mail:

The decision by officials at a high school in Montana to give up $117,000 in federal money and drop Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program has proved to be a popular and profitable success.

Business has been booming in Bozeman High School’s cafeteria since its board members voted to drop the National School Lunch Program in a bid to keep students from leaving campus to eat.

The lunch program set limits on calories, fat and salt in lunches and mandated that more whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be served in order to curb the onset of childhood obesity.

Many students who weren’t fans of the lunch program would leave campus to get fast food at lunch, but they’ve been returning now that the program is gone, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported.

Sales of ‘extra food’ – anything considered less than a complete meal – exceeded $54,000 for the school district in September, up from $37,000 last year and $48,000 the year before that.

Bob Burrows, the district’s food service director, said: ‘We’re off to a good start.

‘Our traffic is way up – over 1,000 (customers a day) regularly.’

While some parents and students were against the switch, other saw it as a necessary move in order to prevent the school from losing money.

Alison Beckman, the high school’s food service manager, said over the summer : ‘They’re young adults.

‘At this age you’re not going to tell them what to eat.

‘All the new rules and mandates have done is push students off campus to the fast food restaurants.’

More than half of the food being served is made from scratch in school kitchens and the district has started using local beef, honey and other fare instead of relying on pre-packaged ingredients.

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