Judge, who was black, took Latausha Nedd to task for her nonsense.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Clayton County judge found probable cause to move criminal charges against Latausha Nedd to Superior Court.

Nedd is accused of threatening to harm police and Caucasian citizens in videos posted on YouTube.

A group of Nedd’s supporters gathered outside the courthouse to call for her release. The group chanted “Free Latausha Nedd” and black power.

Nedd’s supporters thinks she’s being unfairly prosecuted, but the Clayton County Judge Wanda Dallas doesn’t agree.

“Burn down police stations, take cops gun day. Really? That’s not a threat to you?” Dallas asked.
Attorney Gerald Griggs, who represents Nedd, says his client was defending herself from someone who threatened her.

Griggs also says his client has a First Amendment right to say what she said.

Dallas believes Nedd was not defending herself, and accused her of inflaming and inciting.

“You show two police officers and say it’s open season on killing cracker cops,” Dallas said. “Does that fix the problems that we have in this country?”

Nedd is also facing criminal charges for allegedly beating a friend’s teenage daughter when she snuck out to see a boy.

Nedd is being held without bond.

Here’s more video where the judge calls her a ‘domestic terrorist’:

In case you missed our stories on the lovely Ms. Nedd, aka ‘Eye Empress Sekhmet’, here’s a just one of her little videos to introduce her. Warning, graphic language.

Here’s the Empress looking more chastened after being busted for her charming threats:
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