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Can you feel the excitement? I’m struggling to escape the yawns.

CNN is trying to hype it by having a bingo game. Whenever anyone mentions any other above subjects, you’re supposed to mark it off. First to fill it in, tweet it with pic to CNN, will get a special congratulatory video tweeted from Anderson Cooper. Gee that should excite you!

Reportedly, Bill Clinton, while in town will not be at the debate, nor will Chelsea who is on the road promoting her book.

Trump will be live-tweeting it, so that will inject a little interest into the debate, that’s likely to be funny. So we’ll keep you informed on that.

Debate will start on CNN at 8:30 EST., updates will be added at the top. My comments will be in parentheses when I’m commenting on what a candidate has said.

It’s of course, completely unscientific, but Drudge Report poll says Sanders won, according to voters.
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Yes, it was ‘collegial’, because that was the plan, it’s a coronation:

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Van Jones: Black Lives Matter won this debate.

CNN focus group: Bernie won, we need a little more socialism.

Luntz focus group: Bernie won!


Oh hell no, Jake Tapper said one of the issues that came up was the “email scandal”. He then amended his term and called it a “controversy”. If whether one of the candidates is a lying criminal isn’t important then we are in deep trouble.

Somehow this isn’t what the public is saying, but clearly the media is trying to give cover here.


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Viewers noticed something about the Democratic candidates:

Haha, perhaps the tweet of the might, from our dear friend, Shaun King
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Closing Statements.

Chafee: I did it on all levels and I have had no scandals. I’m proud of my judgment. I’m running to be a peacemaker. Go to my website.
O’Malley: different debate from Republicans, you didn’t hear anyone denigrate women or immigrants, or because of their religious belief. What you heard was plans to move us to clean energy grid (yadda yadda, b.s.)
Sanders: this is a great country, but with serious problems. We should not be the country that has more income inequality than any other country. We should not be the country that doesn’t provide family and medical leave. Millions of people need to stand up to the billionaire class. Go to my website.
Hillary: what you did see, is that we’ve tried to deal with issues, in contrast to Republicans. You have to ask who has the vision(it ain’t you, babe). My mother said it isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. Recession lost a lot, my mission will be to raise incomes. If you work hard and do your part you should be able to get ahead. Come join me and see America’s best days are ahead.


Which enemy are you most proud that you have made?

Hillary: NRA, the drug companies, the Iranians, the Republicans (but she wants to bring everyone together?)
Sanders: Wall Street, drug companies
Chafee: coal lobby
Webb: the enemy soldier who threw grenade at me


Sanders: Republicans have been obstructionists(uh, sure, that’s why Boehner has completely caved to all Obama’s desires. Bernie’s basically: If we want to give all the free stuff you want, they have to get out of the way)
Sanders: “millions of young people are going to have to come together and give the Republicans an offer they can’t refuse.” (Threats?).


Hillary is a killjoy, she’s not for legalizing. Buzz kill!


Hillary: Republicans are fine with big government when it’s woman’s right to choose. We’re going to make the rich pay for it. (Income redistribution, on the way! Hillary’s inner Alinsky waving her freak flag high!)

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Can we trade John McCain for Jim Webb?

Oh, god, climate Change. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the term, “move America forward”. If you say to to me, I automatically wouldn’t vote for you.

Webb: we have done a good job since the 1970s and China is much worse (damn he hasn’t gotten the memo, he’s too Republican)
Sanders: I’m for carbon tax. This is a moral issue, the future of the planet is at stake!!!!!!!


Why would we want to vote for another Clinton?

Hillary: I’m a woman, and I have experience.
O’Malley: New leadership and getting things done. 70% earning less than did 12 years ago.
Hillary: I’m not asking anyone to vote for me because of my last name.


Why would your administration not be a third term of Obama?

Chafee: we’ve just bombed a hospital, we need a new paradigm.
O’Malley: I would put in place a modern Glass Stegall
Clinton: I think that’s pretty obvious, being a woman would be different. I would build on the successes. I would deal with drug companies and college to go further. (So she would be different by being even worse, God help us all…)
Sanders: we can only do it through a political revolution. (ah, a moment of honesty!)
Webb: I don’t think the revolution is going to come and I don’t think congress is going to pay for this stuff. I have a strong feeling as to how this system would work. I would lead working with congress not through executive orders.
O’Malley: we need a green revolution.



Hillary: He stole important info that has fallen into the wrong hands (and yet you are meeting with people like DeRay who is cozying up to him).

Sanders and Chafee justifying Snowden breaking the law.


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O’Malley: Trump is a carnival barker.

Hillary: I would go further than even the executive orders that Obama has done on immigration. I think undocumented immigrants should get instate tuition.

Webb: I would be ok with immigrants getting Obamacare. No country is a country without borders, however.

O’Malley: I would go further than Obama on immigration.


Hillary: I think everyone should get tuition free.

Wait What, Lincoln Chafee: I didn’t know what I was voting on in voting for in voting for Glass Stegall because it was my first vote and my dad had just died.


Hillary: I would break up big banks if they posed a risk.
Cooper: Sen Sanders, Hillary just said her plan is tougher than yours.
Sanders: that’s not true, we have to break them up!



Cooper: Hillary, you are part of the 1%, how are you going to address income inequality?
Hillary: I have a five point plan, it hasn’t been this bad since the 1920s (since Obama, lol).


Do Black Lives Matter or do all lives matter?

Sanders: Black Lives Matter. We need to combat institutional racism and we need major reforms in broken criminal justice system in which we have more people in jail than does China.

O’Malley: Point BLM is making is a serious point and that is as a nation we have undervalued young black people.

Hillary: Obama has been a great moral leader, and has laid out an agenda that has been obstructed by the Republicans at every turn. We need to be following the instructions of Obama commission and we need to tackle mass incarceration(that was started by my husband). We cannot incarcerate more than anyone in the world. We need a new new deal for people of color.

Webb: every life matters, I have long history of working for criminal justice reform and African Americans. (Webb has more sense than the rest on the stage, that’s why he has no chance.)


Hillary: Benghazi committee is effort to drive down my poll numbers.
Cooper: There’s an FBI investigation.
Hillary: I don’t want to talk about my emails, I want to talk about what’s best for the American people
Sanders: American people are sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails.

Gee, that wasn’t too much of a set up by the two, was it?

Huge cackles by Hillary at that.

Chafee: It’s a huge issue. Credibility is an issue, we have repair work to do.

Cooper: Hillary, do you want to respond?

Hillary: No. (big cheers) (Democrats don’t care about honesty apparently)

O’Malley takes shot at DWS and limiting debates.

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Greatest national security threat? Sanders: Climate change, Hillary: nuclear threats. Well, at least she didn’t say Climate change…

Webb: Iran deal was position of weakness.

Another good response by Webb, they should have come to Congress for permission before action in Libya, we weren’t under threat.

Hillary: We had a murderous dictator Qaddafi in Libya (with no threat to us, how is taking him out different than going into Iraq then, you flip flopping fop?) Cooper: we did lose American lives in Benghazi. Hillary: I’ll get to that. Hillary, you took out a secular person, and left the country open to Islamists, how is that any different from Iraq?

Sanders: Putin will regret what he is doing. He’s already regretting what he did in Ukraine. Psst, Bernie, are you nuts?

Actually good response by Webb on China.

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They’re continuing the lie about ‘lies about WMD’, why don’t reporters ever question this lie? Oh wait, never mind.

Sanders just said he would only go to war if there was a coalition with other countries. Whoa, so we should never act alone….

Worst decision in American history war in Iraq, and that’s on Hillary, says Chafee and Sanders. Hillary: Obama valued my judgment (so much so, he’s dropped info to undermine you and is pushing Joe Biden to run)…


Martin O’Malley: I actually passed comprehensive gun legislation (Gee, that must have worked really well in Baltimore, how’s that working out there?)

Bernie: Have to deal with gun show loophole(which doesn’t exist) and deal with mental health.

Hillary: It is time that the whole country stands up to the NRA. I don’t agree with Sanders who gave immunity to the gun manufacturers.

Webb: I’ve always supported affirmative action for black people. Huh what?

Lincoln Chafee: I’m a block of granite.
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Is there anyone on the stage who isn’t a capitalist? Hillary responds, we have to save capitalism from itself. It is our job to reign in the excesses of capitalism, but it would be a big mistake to reign in what has created the biggest middle class.


Bernie is off on a rant in response to question about would people vote for Democratic Socialist. God, he’s hard to listen to! Is this the person that’s getting thousands of people? Are you kidding me?

Hillary sounds like she knew that question would be coming, on her habit of flip flopping, including on TPP. I don’t take a backseat to anyone in progressive ideals. Good thing she brought up Children’s Defense Fund, community activist position. She concedes she is a Progressive.


Hillary Clinton: bladdy bla bla bla. Wealthy will have to pay their fare share. Paid family leave, equal pay for women. It’s about bringing our country together again. There’s too much inequality, there’s too much discrimination against the LGBT community. Oh and vote for me, because I’m a woman!


Bernie Sanders: Actually almost all the new money being made is going to immigrants. Climate change is real, caused by human activity and we have a moral responsibility to address it.
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Martin O’Malley: there is a deep economic injustice that will not solve itself. So I will tax the rain and make it harder on everybody to exist! Economic inequality will be gone, everyone will be poor!

I said Climate change, mark off your bingo card!

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I have a great family, vote for me!

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“I have high ethical standards”, lol.


Ten things Ben Carson doesn’t think you’ll hear at the debate tonight.

CNN: “The excitement is clearly building!”
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DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t think Hillary emails should be asked during the debate. Sure, why discuss if your candidate might go to prison?

Obama video: “I’m still fired up! We’ll keep building on the extraordinary progress we’ve made in the past few years.” Biden was also shown in the video.

Mark Knoller expresses surprise that CNN would run a ‘fundraiser video’, and I’m sure Democrats didn’t have to pay for it either, it’s ‘news’.
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