Via Fox News:

THE Islamic State is making dead sure it will never run out of new recruits with its most morally corrupt strategy yet.

The terrorist organisation is pushing for a “jihadi baby boom”, with soldiers and their brides ordered to reproduce and indoctrinate their children into a life of hatred and violence.

Many of these mothers are Western and Yazidi sex slaves, forced to help create ruthless junior militants, who are paraded on social media like toys.

Sickening photos posted online show innocent babies and toddlers surrounded by guns, flags and IS paraphernalia, their murderous future already set in stone.

The extremist group, also known as ISIS, hopes to ensure the future of the caliphate with state-of-the-art nursing and paediatric facilities. Australian Dr Tareq Kamlehan runs one ward, appearing in propaganda videos promoting his work and encouraging other medics to join up.

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