Time for these people to find a new “friend.”

Via Mic.com:

Last summer, Portland, Oregon, resident Rinna Rem found herself in a bar fight. A stranger poured beer over her friend’s head at a local watering hole, and when the Thai-Cambodian Portlander confronted him, the man, who was white, called her “chink” throughout the ensuing argument.

“It was just a very traumatizing event for me, dealing with a white man who assaulted me and my friend and yelled racist and misogynist slurs in front of a white doorman who didn’t intervene until the altercation became physical,” Rem told Mic. “I knew I wanted support to continue living here in Portland.”

Soon after the skirmish, Rem began paying $100 per month to see a therapist twice a week.

Now, a year later, Rem has started a crowdfunding campaign requesting, “White Friends, Pay for My Therapy.” […]

“Stress, being on high alert, from this racist shit, that just heightens or increases blood pressure,” Rem said, adding that she fears that as trauma stress pushes her her blood pressure higher, she may be moving closer to a rip or tear in her aorta.

Rem has implemented a self-care regimen at her therapist’s behest. Whether it is something as small as sneaking a candy bar or taking a long bath, she said, these measures have helped. But, sometimes, that self-care is not enough.

“I also feel like my self-care can’t keep up with all the racist stuff that’s happening to me,” she said.

“I feel that it’s a powerful thing to ask for help,” she said. “It was a venue of power for me. I was able to ask my friends, my white friends, to be accountable for the systems that benefit them.”