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You’ve seen what happened with Boehner completely bending over for the Obama agenda, time has come to stop that now.

Via Truth Revolt:

Talk radio host Mark Levin has spent years railing against John Boehner as Speaker of the House. With Boehner’s resignation, Levin is sending a warning to conservatives: don’t back Kevin McCarthy as Boehner’s replacement.

In an interview with Breitbart, Levin says it is time for a “principled conservative” to take up the gavel as speaker, claiming McCarthy doesn’t fit that profile.

“The Republican establishment never learned their lesson after Cantor… They replaced Cantor with McCarthy, who is a wheeler and dealer—he is not a principled conservative… My concern now is that they will do the same thing again,” Levin said.

Levin called for a real leader, a follower of the constitution and not a “lightweight” to take over now that Boehner is gone:

“We need true leaders. They have too much tied to Washington, too much tied to the Chamber of Commerce, corporatists and the donor class.”

Levin said that House conservatives—many of whom are a part of the House Freedom Caucus—need to demand better for their voters:

“Those thirty or so Republicans need to remain united” to elect a principled conservative leader who represents the interest of Republican voters, Levin explained. “Republicans could make a real difference now for the Party and for the country if we elect a Speaker or a Majority Leader who’s a conservative—such as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). But he’s just one example.”

Levin said the failure of Republican leadership to listen to the grassroots is one reason behind the rise of Donald Trump as a presidential front-runner.