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Here’s the story from the page:

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, an avid inventor and robotics enthusiast, brought a home made clock to school to impress his engineering teacher. Instead of receiving praise, Ahmed was escorted out in handcuffs after school officials alerted the police of a suspicious device they thought looked like a bomb.

The funds will be used to help Ahmed further his education and to help other curious students like him interested in STEM fields have access to MakerSpaces where they can use high tech equipment like 3D Printers, CNC Machines, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

We cannot undo the the fear and frustration Ahmed felt when being interrogated by police and walking out in handcuffs. This moment will forever impact his life. But let’s show him that he is not alone and we support his love for engineering and inventing. At a time when our nation lags behind the world in math and sciences, these funds will help him continue his education and reach his potential.

Young curious minds are not a threat. As a nation, let’s support our youth in increasing their competitiveness in science and technology development because this is what will make out country strong.

As we reported earlier, the young curious mind didn’t actually invent anything, he took the cover off a clock and stuck it in a pencil box suitcase and wrapped cords around the handle, making what looked for all the world like a mini suitcase bomb. He then claimed he built it from parts in his room when he had not. He tied cords to the outside of the handle, so ‘it wouldn’t be suspicious’.

But now he’ll have plenty of cash as a result, and the word is the family lawyer is warming up in the bull pen for more.

Did you notice how he already has a ‘verified account’ from Twitter? That is virtually unheard of speed.

They also organized a prayer vigil for the boy.

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Ahmed’s family has said he will transfer out of the Irving school.