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Kentucky Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder was killed by Joseph Thompson Johnson-Shanks after a traffic stop last night. Shanks was later killed by police when he refused to surrender.

Shanks was not originally from Kentucky, he was from Missouri, from Florissant, near Ferguson.

He had a long criminal history. But perhaps significantly one arrest, for ‘interfering with an officer’ was on August 11, two days after Michael Brown was killed. Not only was he a Ferguson protester, but he went to Michael Brown’s funeral and burial in a limo the type usually reserved for family or close friends. In that limo he is riding with people from NAN, Al Sharpton’s group.

He was known as ‘Jay Mile High’. Jay is another term for a joint.

His Facebook has multiple pictures of protesting, the funeral and burial and protest paraphernalia.

A few of the pictures:
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In limo on the way to the funeral:
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You can see two of the people who were in the limo with him here, one of whom is wearing a T-shirt for Al Sharpton’s group, National Action Network.
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Among the groups he ‘likes’/belongs to on Facebook?

Barack Obama, Occupy Democrats, Cop Block, Million Hoodies For Justice, Justice For Mike Brown Leadership Coalition, The White House, Michelle Obama.

And this pretty much says it all, a triptych of nonsense:
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