No, we don’t.

Trump also said that Kim Davis has to follow the law, but doesn’t go into any greater nuance about reasonable accommodation or the problem of the Supreme Court creating law, countermanding that of the elected representatives and the people in Kentucky.

Black Lives Matter, he seems to get right, saying more to condemn them than some other candidates have been willing to say. He’s asked about Colin Powell saying supportive things about them, and he says, ‘he’s wrong’, all lives matter.

As for Planned Parenthood, he says he would be opposed to funding them as long as they are doing abortions, which seems an evolution or clarification of a prior statement he made about keeping funding in place for their ‘healthcare’ efforts.

He then spends some time attacking the Iran Deal and making the correct point that the Americans being held by Iran should have been released first before any deal was made. He also notes that we really get nothing out of this deal and that we wouldn’t be able to put the sanctions back in place.