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Because they don’t want resolutions, they want chaos. Not to mention that her answers were all about increasing police in high crime areas (what a concept), and to them police are the occupying force.

Via WaPo:

Anger over a rising murder rate and the District’s response to it boiled over into a shouting match Thursday as Mayor Muriel E. Bowser struggled to tell a crowd about a new initiative to fight crime while being shouted down by protesters.

Bowser (D) planned to announce a wide-ranging, $15 million plan to boost both community programs and police presence in response to a 43 percent spike in killings this year. The plan includes financial incentives to keep police on the force despite a looming retirement bubble, as well as legislation that would raise some penalties for violent crime and give police the power to search the residences of violent ex-offenders.

But protesters linked to a nationwide movement that has mobilized over allegations of police misconduct erupted at her first mention of putting more officers on the streets. Community activists quickly joined the chants of “Black Lives Matter” with their own demands for jobs and recreation centers.

Bowser fought back, at times acknowledging the voices of dissent and at other times simply raising her voice over the roar. “I will not be shouted down or scared away,” she said at one point, as her supporters stood and cheered over the din of protest, effectively splitting the room between opposing sides.

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