I know this has been beaten to death, but imagine if Bush launched a war without congressional approval, then blew off the War Powers Resolution of 1973?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House brushed off congressional demands for a detailed report outlining U.S. objectives in Libya, a move likely to stoke further anger on Capitol Hill over President Barack Obama’s decision not to seek lawmakers’ consent for the military operation.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday that administration officials were already answering questions about Libya in briefings on Capitol Hill. A House resolution calling on Obama to provide more detailed answers was “unhelpful,” Carney added, suggesting that the administration has no plans to formally respond within the 14-day window outlined in the measure.

However, the spokesman said the White House could continue to hold regular consultations with Congress on Libya.

“We obviously take seriously our obligation to consult with Congress and to the extent that there are questions that need to be answered we will, of course, endeavor to answer them,” Carney said.

Several House members have expressed their dissatisfaction with those briefings, saying more of them won’t suffice.

On Friday, the House passed a non-binding resolution chastising Obama for failing to provide a “compelling rationale” for the Libyan mission and demanding a report “describing in detail” the operation’s objective, its costs and its impact on the nation’s two other wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forty-five Democrats joined the Republican majority in passing the resolution.

From last week:

(ABC News) — In the immortal words of the vice president, this could be a big $%^ing deal: House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is throwing what one Republican calls “a legal and political hot potato at the President.”

In a resolution to be voted on in the House tomorrow, Boehner is giving the president two weeks – until the Pentagon Appropriations bill comes up – to either:

a) Ask for authorization for the military intervention in Libya, or

b) Figure out how to disengage the US from the NATO operation in Libya.

The resolution states: “The President has not sought, and Congress has not provided, authorization for the introduction or continued involvement of the United States Armed Forces in Libya. Congress has the constitutional prerogative to withhold funding for any unauthorized use of the United States Armed Forces, including for unauthorized activities regarding Libya.”

Boehner is explicitly and formally stating that the president did not check the box on the War Powers Act before sending the US military to intervene in Libya.