The equivalent of Ted Kennedy going on Soviet TV to bash American capitalists during the Cold War.

(PressTV) — Director of Washington-based CAIR National Communications, Ibrahim Hooper says the rise of ‘anti-Muslim sentiment’ in America has ‘political’ reasons.

There are a number of ‘rightwing politicians and activists’ who are pushing anti-Muslim sentiment in America for their own ‘political games’, Hooper told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Saturday.

“The rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society is being generated by a cottage industry of Muslim bashers and Islamophobic groups,” he said.

Nearly a decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new wave of bigotry and discrimination is affecting the everyday lives of many Muslim Americans, a Justice Department official and Muslim leaders has said.

Thomas E. Perez , the U.S. Justice Department’s assistant attorney general for civil rights described “a headwind of intolerance” burdening many Muslim communities in this country, including “fear of violence, of bigotry and hate.”