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Hahahaha, classic. Might be a neat trick. There’s Dad, Jeffrey Wayne King on the right and mini-me Shaun (Jeffrey Shaun King) on the left.

Via Daily Caller:

A black conservative group is offering to pay the activist organization Black Lives Matter $25,000 if Shaun King can prove that his father is black.

“Black Conservatives Fund PAC is offering $25,000 to help organize #BlackLivesMatter related events and rallies if Shaun King can and will produce his alleged African American father or cooperate with a DNA test,” reads a press release from the group.

King’s race became the subject of widespread intrigue on Wednesday after Breitbart News published the 35-year-old activist’s birth certificate. The form listed King’s parents, both of whom are white. That despite King’s past claims that his father is black.

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Shaun on left and his white brother with same white father on the right, looking very much alike.
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Shaun on the right with his white mother. His brother with same mother and father is on the left:
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