This is so much fun, watching a bomb-throwing far-left liberal implode right in front of our eyes.

(WaPo) – It started as a joke — Weiner’s weiner, har har har — but now it looks as if the aggressive liberal Congressman could be heading for serious trouble.

ABC News is now “likely” to name a woman who says she received a picture of a bare-chested Anthony Weiner, a source close to the network says, taking the latest twist in this tale out of the realm of Breitbart and into that of the major news outlets.

The latest turn in the story got started when Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government posted a series of photos and emails that it claimed Weiner had sent to a nameless woman in recent weeks. Breitbart claimed he knew who the woman is and said she’d be going public shortly.

But the Times notes that ABC has now interviewed the woman, and the source close to the network tells me it’s getting close to publishing some pictures and the woman’s identity. It’s unclear how definitive ABC will be about whether the photos were definitely sent by the Congressman to the woman. Weiner’s office has gone quiet on the latest round of stories.

This could take this story into another realm. In the first go around, Weiner claimed that a Tweet circulating a picture of an underwear bulge was the work of a hacker. But his effort to close down the story faltered when he claimed he couldn’t be certain whether the underwear bulge was his. Now a major news outlet appears poised to reveal the identity of a woman who claims to have received shirtless photos from the Congressman himself. If true, this could go some way towards explaining the oddness of his response over the tweet, and suggests that there could still be more to come.

Weiner is set to address the media later this afternoon, his office just announced, which seems like an effort to get ahead of revelations that could be very real.