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Fox’s debate was not actually a ‘debate’ as one would normally think of a debate, equal questions and time for each candidate, with some time for them to respond to each other. Fox’s debate consisted of often pointed questions, asking each candidate to justify prior statements or actions, with many of the more pointed questions focused, some might say targeted, on Trump.

Fox admitted during the telecast that the questions would not be evenly portioned out but that division did not play well with the viewers.

Carson didn’t get any questions for awhile at the beginning prompting him to joke about it when he finally got a question. But Cruz seemed to get the big freeze out the most, he went 44 minutes at one point without getting a question, while everyone else got a question, and Trump got multiple questions. However, though seemingly frozen out at points, both Carson and Cruz shone when they had the chance, doing well in post debate polls. By one count Paul and Walker were the bottom two in amount of time given.

While we clocked the time Cruz went without a question, we didn’t clock the total amount of time for each. But here is an unconfirmed time breakdown given for each person.

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The time and the number of questions may not exactly correspond. Huckabee for example overran his allotted time for every question he was asked. Walker on the other hand, for example, stuck to the timing.

But Trump and Bush unquestionably received more questions than did the others.