Here’s the full transcript of the debate, via our researcher Blue Sky.

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Have at it!

1. Trump refuses to pledge he will not run as an independent.

2. Fox is asking tough questions. Perhaps too attack dog…

3. Jeb stands by his ‘Act of Love” statement.

4. They definitely seem to be trying to pin Trump. Good immigration answer by Rubio. Better answer by Cruz, emphasizing no amnesty.

5. Paul just skewered Christie referring to ‘the hug’ with Obama

6. Cruz- can’t defeat radical Islamic terrorism if you can’t call it that.

7. Carson just said a funny, noting that he was being skipped over a little with the attempt to skewer Trump. Carson is doing much better.

8. Grilling Trump on his past support for single payer and Pelosi and Clinton. Trump said he gave Hillary money so she would come to his wedding?

9. Walker perhaps the line of the night: Every place Hillary has touched is worse off.

10. Carson – great whack on Hillary talking about Alinsky and the progressive danger, “useful idiots”.

11. Bush- mostly canned answers.

Fox is not giving everyone the same amount of time or the same questions, so it’s concentrating on some and slighting others.

12. They really are going all out to skewer Trump. Now bringing up his bankruptcies.

13. “Trust but vilify” – good points now by Huckabee. Obama trusts our enemies, but vilifies anyone who disagrees.

Anyone keeping a clock on how long since they asked Cruz a question??? I’ve had a clock on it, it’s been over half an hour, every other person has had at least 1 questions and some 2 or more questions.

14. Kelly to Trump: When did you become a Republican? Trump: I evolved like Ronald Reagan.

Freezing out the most intelligent three – Cruz, Walker and Carson.

15. I like Walker a lot. But not the best answer for a conservative on Black Lives Matter.

Cruz clock: over 40 minutes since he has been asked a question. Everyone else has had a question. Trump and Bush multiple questions.

Ding Ding ding, finally a question! Cruz knows the people, knows the policy and slams it. Brings up Ronald Reagan getting release hostages day he came in.

Questions now, “Obama did x wrong, What would you have done?” Carson giving a knowledgeable and intelligent answer.

Another line of the night. Rubio: God Has blessed us with good candidates and Democrats haven’t even found one.

Will they be asking the Democrats if God speaks to them???

Just bagged in Rand, you’ve been to Ferguson? Buh bye…

Love the Carson, Cruz, Walker closing statements. Huckabee got in a great zinger at Hillary.

My take? Best three overall- Carson, Cruz, Walker. Huckabee did better than expected, but doesn’t have a shot. Rand came across as angry but not in a good way. Christie, Kasich just not interesting.