You may recall our friend, Palestinian and Black Lives Matter ‘activist’, Bassem Masri. If you don’t recall him, take a look at the above videos. One of the more foul characters to emerge out of the Ferguson scrum, Masri became known for his offensive verbal threats against police officers, telling them ‘your life is in danger” and saying he was wishing for their deaths. He even threatened their children in the second video above.

Less well known was that he has been a heroin addict, with a prior record, over and above arrests in regard his Ferguson activities. He has been arrested for multiple driving violations, and had a pending felony driving while revoked case against him from November of last year.
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On July 10, Masri got in an accident while driving illegally. Two other cars were hit, involving 4 other people including a child. Whether or not those people were injured or not is unclear.

Masri put up pictures of his injuries after the accident, and asked people to donate money to him to get another car (despite not being allowed to drive). He later deleted the tweets, but the Internet is forever.
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Bad news for Masri however. On July 13, they put him back in jail. He hasn’t been able to make bail from what we can tell, charged with another driving while revoked.
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That was the last heard from Masri and that is good news in any one’s book.

HT: ClawsOfjustice, JaneQCitizen16